Bring clarity to succession
and the future

Succession planning is more than wills, trusts and paperwork. It includes a host of practical business decisions that will impact the future security of your family, your company and employees. Creating clarity around succession brings focus to initiatives that preserve and enhance value, develop leadership and achieve your objectives. It helps you solve the two critical succession issues.

Succession Issue 1: Future Ownership. Let’s talk about it. Do you want to squeeze every last nickel out of the business? Strategic buyers may be available who will pay a premium price. Or do you want to enhance someone’s future – by selling it to a family member or employees?

Succession Issue 2: Future Leadership. What is the depth of your management team, today? Having a strong leadership team creates value and will give you the advantage of choices down the line.

Craig’s “Executive Development & Coaching” has been instrumental in our succession planning and leader development. A solid action plan that produced tangible results. Excellent return on investment.

My succession planning process is not checklist-driven. It’s built around my unique experience as a CEO and incorporates the practical business discussions required to produce an effective plan. My job is not to tell you what to do – or to pull a plan off a shelf. I facilitate the tough conversations that will help you explore the various issues and opportunities.

Together, we’ll create a plan that’s unique to your situation, then move it forward to completion. My job’s not done until you say, “I have a great plan in place!”