Add a financial strategist
to your team

For many companies, talented financial leaders are not easy to find or affordable. Yet increasing sophistication is required in risk management, budgeting, forecasting, insurance, costing and planning – all the aspects of business that are financially driven. Inevitably, there are pockets of profit opportunity that remain untapped. Just waiting to be discovered.

For some companies, the euphoria of fast growth creates a different set of issues. Processes that used to work are no longer effective. Revenue is up, but profits are down. Opportunity is lost in the weeds of fast growth. Companies plateau. They become myopic. And they can benefit from fresh, experienced eyes from the outside. That’s where I come in.

Working on retainer, I’ll help identify and and address high impact areas for improvement. And I’ll help lead the behavioral changes that will drive the future success of your business. The goal is always sustainable, profitable growth.

Working with Craig Damos is the best investment our company has made in recent memory. Our financial acumen has risen to an extraordinarily high level. We are making decisions based on sound, objective, financial data, and our business is improving and growing. Craig has been a blessing to our company.