Coach your CFO
to drive more profitable growth.

Today, the best CFOs spend 80 percent of their time looking forward! They are their CEOs’ confident counselors and their companies’ true financial leaders. They understand how to scale systems, processes and entire organizations. They’re constantly on the lookout for profit opportunities. They effectively communicate and advise their CEOs, boards, lenders, investors and other stakeholders.

I work with CEOs and their CFOs to create and execute a personalized coaching plan that enhances the CFO’s ability to think strategically, communicate effectively and create profitable growth for the company. We determine how the company makes money, which products and services are profitable – and which ones aren’t. Do we have an accurate handle on costs? Are we profiting from expertise in risk management, equipment utilization, procurement and other valuable knowledge that is being passed through to customers?

My transition into a Chief Financial Officer role from spending the majority of my career in operations was at times overwhelming. Craig quickly helped me identify how to bring my operational strengths to the new role and establish realistic expectations of myself. Most importantly, Craig empowered me to focus on the leadership opportunity provided to me and how to make every moment count towards growing the strength of our organization.

I also work to help the CFO show up in the boardroom. The CFO is usually the smartest financial mind in the company and has sole access to key information. It’s his or her responsibility to use this information to advance board conversations. The quiet accountant who sits in the corner is not adding value to the discussion.

This same coaching process can benefit other leaders within your company. Some controllers have the bandwidth to be CFOs, but need to develop their leadership and management acumen. Business unit presidents can become more effective leaders by upping their business and financial skills. Each C-suite leader needs to learn and understand how to drive change. I develop your leaders into true impact players.