Craig Damos Consulting

Craig Damos Consulting

  • Discovery
  • Clarity
  • Execution

I work with CEOs and their
teams to help identify and seize
opportunities for strategic and operational improvements
in their businesses.

If you’re a CEO, you already know the challenges. The pace of change is accelerating. New competition is emerging. Talent, capital and intellectual resources are in short supply. Margins are squeezed. The future is hard to predict, let alone manage.

Yet pockets of opportunity exist within most companies. To improve systems and processes. To strengthen financial leadership. To better manage risks. To retain and motivate great people. And to develop strategies that leverage change and produce greater potential growth and success.

Let’s make your business more profitable and sustainable – now.

  • Create a strategic plan that actually works.

    Strategic plans are famous for becoming three-ring binders that sit on shelves and gather dust. Yet a well-crafted and execution-focused plan can dramatically impact the trajectory of your business. I’ll work closely with you and your team to facilitate the process and build strategic momentum.

  • Coach your CFO to drive more profitable growth.

    Today, the best CFOs spend 80 percent of their time looking forward! I work with CEOs and their CFOs to create and execute a personalized coaching plan that enhances the CFO’s ability to think strategically, communicate effectively and create profitable growth for the company.

  • Bring clarity to succession and the future.

    If you get hit by a bus on Friday, what happens to the business on Monday? Will it be chaos or business as usual? You either have a good succession plan or you don’t. It’s a yes or no question. Together, we’ll create a plan that’s unique to your situation, then move it forward to completion.

  • Add a financial strategist to your team.

    I’ll help identify and and address high impact areas for improvement. And I’ll help lead the behavioral changes that will drive the future success of your business. The goal is always sustainable, profitable growth.